SIP Panels Spec


Supply of pre-cut SIPS panels, insulated splines, SIPS screws, and timber that sits within the panels.

Warranty: Submit SIP manufacturer’s standard warranty document.

Source Limitations: Obtain all SIPs through one manufacturer. All accessories to be furnished or recommended by the SIP manufacturer.

Pre-installation Meeting: Conduct pre-installation meeting to verify project requirements, foundation/structural system/substrate conditions, SIP manufacturer’s installation instructions and SIP manufacturer’s warranty requirements.


Ordering: Comply with SIP manufacturer’s ordering instructions and lead time requirements to avoid construction delays.

Off-load SIPs from truck and handle using fork lift or other means to prevent damage to SIPs.

SIPs shall be fully supported in storage and prevented from contact with the ground. Stack SIPs on pallets or on supports at a maximum spacing of 2m.

SIPs shall be fully protected from weather. Protect against exposure to rain, water, dirt, mud, and other residue that may affect SIP performance. Cover stored SIPs with breathable protective wraps. SIPs shall be stored in a protected area.


Manufacturer’s Warranty: SIP Manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to, and not a limitation
of, other rights the Owner may have under Contract or Statute.

Warranty Period: Twenty (20) years from the date of issue of the warranty.


SIPs consisting of the following:

  • Fire retardant EPS core
  • JNL Triboard / OSB / MgO facings
  • Laminating Adhesive


Splines: Insulated, timber, or I-beam for use in joining SIPs shall be supplied by SIPs

SIPS Screws: corrosion resistant SIP screws compatible with SIP system shall be provided by the SIPs manufacturer. Universal type screw supplied suitable for timber and steel.

Nails: 50×2.8 galv flat-heat for OSB to timber. 30×2.8 galv flat-heat for skin-to-skin.

Expanding foam: One part polyurethane expanding foam.

Panel Sealant/adhesive: Nailbond or similar.

Dimensional Lumber: SG8 H1.2 or better, or engineered equivalent.


Sizes: SIPs shall be fabricated in accordance with approved Shop Drawings


Comply with manufacturer’s Load Design Charts, Detail Book, Shop Drawings, and Product data, including product technical bulletins, for installation.


Site Verification of Conditions: Verify substrate conditions (which have been previously installed under other sections) are acceptable for product installation in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Verify conditions of foundation/structural system/substrate and other conditions which affect installation of SIPs. Any adverse conditions shall be reported in writing to the SIP manufacturer and the design professional. Do not proceed with installation until adverse conditions are corrected.


SIP Supports: Provide level and square foundation/structural system/substrate that support wall and/or roof SIPs. For wall SIPs, hold sill plate back from edge 12 mm to allow full bearing of OSB skins. Provide access holes in plating to align with electrical wire chases in SIPs.

Pre-Lifting: Prior to lifting any panels from the truck, check and make a record of any damage to the panels, and obtain approval from the Contract Administrator before incorporating a damaged panel into the work. Remove debris from plate area prior to SIP placement.

Locate SIPS panel items to line and level, and the following tolerances:

  • Horizontal: ± 3mm maximum, or less if required by manufacturer
  • Vertical: ± 3mm maximum, or less if required by manufacturer

Placing And Installation: Install panels in accordance with the drawings, stated design parameters, reviewed and approved construction drawings and installation details. Check order of installation. Co-ordinate with work of other contractors. Consult and coordinate as necessary with installers of adjoining work, including window and door installations. Order of installation and installation to be to the manufacturers recommendations.

On positioning of the panel, check that all fixings line up with the appropriate items on the preceding work. Also check fixings will function as intended, in particularly fixings required to accommodate seismic movement. Ensure that there is no damage caused to the panel, surrounding surfaces or fixings during placing. Seal joints with sealant or foam to manufacturers requirements.

SIP Fastening: Connect SIPs by fixings specified by SIP supplier as shown on drawings. SIP sealant must be used together with each fastening techniques. Where SIP Screw Fasteners are used, provide a minimum of 25mm thread penetration into support. Join SIPs using plates and splines provided. Secure attachment with nails, staples, or screws, and nailbond. Apply following SIP manufacturer recommendations. Nails @ 150crs and screws @ 300crs unless noted otherwise. Provide temporary adjustable props or braces to secure the panel in position until final support is provided. They must be able to withstand the expected wind loads on the panel for the site and position. During installation use temporary waterproofing to protect tops of panels, plates and sills etc, until they are covered or
protected by subsequent construction. SIP Tape (if specified): Provide SIP Tape at joints between SIP wall panels, roof panels and at intersection of SIP roof and wall panels and as shown in SIP Manufacturer’s details.

Restrictions: Do not install SIPs directly on concrete. Do not put plumbing in SIPs without
consulting SIP manufacturer.

Do not over cut skins for field-cut openings and do not cut skins for electrical chases. SIPs
shall be protected from exposure to solvents and their vapours that damage the EPS foam

Remove and replace insulated wall or roof SIPs which have become excessively wet or
damaged before proceeding with installation of additional SIPs or other work.


Protect SIPs from weather by installing wrap immediately to provide temporary protection at
the end of the day or when rain or snow is imminent.


Provide documentation of completion to manufacturer confirming installation was in
accordance with design and documentation.

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